Hey, this is Darrell Stern, your digital marketing Jedi and I wanted to talk about why so many people are trying to do video marketing and they’re just not hitting the mark.

Now, you might think that it has to do something with what the person is talking about or the subject matter, but really, I am here to tell you that 99% of the success in doing videos is in your performance, right? It’s in the eye contact that you’re making with the camera. It’s in the excitement with which you are talking about the amazing topic that you are talking about. So even in the way that you’re sitting in your chair. Now, I’m sitting, right, with my back up straight. I got a very comfortable chair though, it’s got a wide base to it. It’s very solid chair. It’s not moving around or wiggling around or any of that kind of stuff and I am literally sitting up in it. Of course, I got my arms here, so I kind of prop my shoulders back and I am very aware of my posture and I’m also very aware of the eye contact that I am making directly to you in the camera there inside of the video.

I’m also very aware of the eye contact that I’m making directly to you watching me in this video. So here’s a practice for you. Next time that you do a video, pick a thing that you are really excited about or that really gets you under your skin.

Do you know what I’m saying?

A topic that really lights you up where when you get to talking about it, you actually come alive, you actually feel something about the topic that you’re talking about so that then your performance will radiate. Your performance of this media in our media-driven economy, in our media-driven marketing, will move people to take action.

I’m Darrell Stern, your digital marketing Jedi. I would love to train you more on how to increase your performance and make you a better performer in the video marketing that you’re doing. I’ll see you in the next video.