When I say ‘Social Media Marketing’
what do you immediately think about?

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat right?

You think about the TOOL and the platform.

What you are missing is the right PHILOSOPHY!

Now let me take out the word ‘social,’ which leaves us with

MEDIA marketing

Now what do you think about?

Pictures, videos, blogs, art, theater, singing.

To make Instagram work for your business, we’ll focus on the MEDIA and create images and video that appeal to those who value your business most.

But there is MORE than image and video media to work on and this is where Stern really stands out:


Poems, plays, quotes, stories are MEDIA too, and when you combine the two you have a powerful strategy for starting meaningful conversations.

There is an “oomph” to your brand. There is something ethereal beautiful poignant and meaningful about the value of your product or service.

The Media we create with you will STUN your followers and make them not just want to HEART your image but start talking with you.

When we research the trending hashtags for your industry and also combine that with pop culture references, we write out a complete story, not just smash up a bunch of words with # in front of them and hope for the best

No not: #beautiful #GetStern #ROI @Instagram #Marketing #Words. But instead

When you #GetStern with your @Instagram #marketing, we will tell stories in #beautiful #pictures and #words that will increase your #ROI

Let’s #GetStern About Your Instagram Marketing