Stern Marketing WINS. Over and Over. Again And Again. Period.

Darrell is relentless and committed to the marketing goals of the company.

He has cared more and did more than any other marketing firm we’ve hired in the past. I highly recommend him and his team!

~Kyle Zagrodzky – CEO OsteoStrong

Rick Jacoby, DPM knows that SUGAR is the root of all disease.

Together, we have launched his first online course, and have set a goal of releasing one of his Stern Storming video stories SIX days a week on THREE social platforms. The result is INFLUENCE, every single day.

Colleen Biggs needed a PLATFORM to sell during her public speaking and seminars.

In just TWO DAYS, we shot not just her new online course, but also 120 videos of her stories that will go viral for her business.

Colleen is a talented business coach and leader for women in Arizona.

Laura Enzor is a fantastic coach without a platform.

Not anymore! In just ONE DAY we shot her entire new online course AND dozens of videos of her fantastic story.

By telling true stories from your past, your brand begins to have character development and proof of concept.

Without Stern Storming and Stern Marketing, you may be posting “stuff” and not really knowing where the end point is or what your customers will BUY.

Stern transforms your idea into a business and uses YOU as the STAR of the show!

Steve Replin has been helping businesses obtain HARD MONEY lending for decades.

However, Steve has not created online courses or content to expand his customer base into the digital age.

Together we took Mr. Replin’s 300-page book and simplified it into a five-lesson online course!

Steve has such GREAT and wonderful stories from his business adventures, so we captured over 100 of them for his viral video marketing!

Janice Burt needed to clarify her voice and brand. AND she needed a course to sell at her speaking engagements.

Janice is a rock star actress and speaker. Her “Walk Through Fear” keynote needed a CALL TO ACTION.

During our Stern Storming process, we created an entire curriculum based on her amazing stories.

The course was ready in a few DAYS and 100 stories from her are already ready to LAUNCH!

Lisa has started 2 new branding agencies. She wanted massive amounts of content to share.

While working with Lisa Williams in her Dallas Texas home, we were able to bring to life her Texas upbringing and then move into her love for branding and marketing.

Together we got clear on her message as we moved into inbound landing page videos that are sure to get her the interested clients she desires.

Go Stern Storming!

Jim Carrol is starting a new business and needed content

jim is an expert at helping businesses EXIT with a profit.

Not only did we capture his stories, but we also came up with the PERFECT tag line for his busienss. “Harvest Value!” 

Jim is now ready to do some SERIOUS video marketing on LInkedIN!

Steve SWORE he would NOT be on video.

By the end of my two-day shoot with him, he opened up about his JOY of owning an OsteoStrong center in Chesterfield MO. 

Steve is just one of almost 20 OsteoStrong owners we visited in person to capture their stories.

We took this amazing international biohack franchise to over 250K people watching and sharing their stories on FIVE social platforms.

Your best marketing is in YOU. Let us help you tell YOUR best story.

Mike Baue is a public speaker and business owner.

He showed up to our video shoot with FIFTY amazing stories to tell about his OsteoStrong owners.

We shot them ALL in ONE DAY.

To put this in perspective, with our 3 day a week posting schedule, that is SIXTEEN WEEKS or FOUR MONTHS of amazing viral content created in ONE DAY!

With our expert team of screenwriters and POETs creating the posts to go with these videos, viral influence is close at hand.


SAUL WANTED TO BECOME THE #1 Auto Mechanic in Colorado!

Week after week, we visited his shop and shot video after video of Saul PROVING he is THE AUTHORITY on car repair in Denver.

We also backed that up with 250 articles BASED on his videos, AND created 80 interlocking landing page funnels.


11X Times his revenue and he is now the largest independently owned auto mechanic shop, not JUST in Colorado, but the WHOLE USA!


We recorded over 100 videos of her life story around light.

Created a FULL COURSE on light healing and shot the videos for it.

AND delivered the videos BACK to her in ONE WEEK FLAT.

Stop fussing around and lets GET STERN!

“This is THE most COMPREHENSIVE process to create content!”

Gaylen KNEW video content and a new online course were what she needed, but the DOING of it scared her.

She would stop and start and give up.

Then we came out and filmed EVERYTHING in one day!

Gaylen really came out of her shell and delivered some of the best moving content we have ever created.

Stop THINKING and start DOING.

It IS time to #GetStern


From a local auto mechanic who became an international influencer to a century-old institution, to a B2B ERP powerhouse, to hundreds of others here and around the world.

Stern Marketing WINS.

Over and Over.

Again And Again.


EstesGroup had invested in Hubspot, but had no Inbound Marketing and was socially FLAT.

Stern unleashed a plethora of story videos from everyone in the company, crushed SEO, and took their social presence up 600%!

Not only that, we taught them how to PULL leads from online conversations and close sales!

THEIR revenue went up 8X and they are now LEADERS in Epicor implementation online!

Sabrina Risley wanted a dynamic website that WORKED for her networking group in Denver!

Stern Marketing alleviated MONTHS of frustration and created a fun and interactive dynamic website for this incredible business network.

Sabrina was so pleased, Darrell was invited to speak in events to over 200 of the top Realtors and business owners in Colorado. Over and over again!

Bruce Grant was skeptical, but now urges all business leaders to go Stern Storming

2015 was a critical year, Facebook Live was just a year away, and Linkedin was growing FAST. 

If your company does not make a digital transformation, it will be dead in the water.

Bruce was so please with Stern Marketing 

Fairmont Cemetary wanted to enter the digital video age.

Instead of shying away Stern Marketing raced to embrace the opportunity to market this Colorado landmark, the second-largest cemetery in Colorado.

“These stories are fascinating, rich in history, and the people here are the kindest folks you will meet.”

This twelve million dollar a year business flourished with the addition of Stern strategic video marketing and SEO.

From Blah to WOW!

Mike Dovel was tired of all the promises made by other marketing agencies and wanted to REALLY SHOW OFF his 30 years in the Real Estate Business.

By capturing his real estate tips and his vast knowledge of the Littleton Colorado area, Stern was able to bring Mike more new home buyers and sellers than he had had in over a decade!

Stop explaining HOW and start SHOWING WHY?

Jolene’s OSHA website was not generating any leads.

We could see why.

In just ONE STERN STORMING session, we RE WROTE her ENTIRE site and made sure her visitors knew what they would GAIN by working with her company and what they would LOSE if they did not.