I’m celebrating 30 years in B2B and B2C digital marketing, and it’s quite a celebration.

And over the years, I’ve developed a few philosophies and ethics in and around digital marketing that I wanted to share with you today, because if you believe and honestly understand these methodologies and these philosophies, then perhaps and maybe you, your company and your brand would be a perfect fit to work with us because we really have to be in sync not just in terms of what we want to accomplish, but also what our core philosophies and our core values are. I’m going to go over a few of them, and I hope that you agree that these make sense to you and you’ll contact me and we can work together.

The first is that marketing is theater.

It must be dramatic and move your target audience to take action. What does that mean? Well, we live in a media-driven world, and if your media that you’re creating is not somehow emotionally moving the person towards working with you, towards communicating with you, towards engaging with you, that could be the reason why your marketing is falling flat. The first is marketing is theater. Other people don’t want any drama in their lives, and I say let’s bring on the drama.

The second is marketing is the art of starting meaningful conversations.

Now those conversations with the right people as your prospects, as your potential vendor partners, as anyone in terms of growing your network, business partners, our job working with you is to start communications between you and conversations with you and those right people, your target market, those who would need you the most.

The next is … and I love this one …

To market what you do you must tell people what you do and you must tell them over and over and over again in hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of different creative ways.

Just sitting there with a one page website or one blog or one Facebook post or some random type of thing that you’re putting out there does not really tell your story, and we’ve got to tell people what you do, how you do it, prove confidence in your brand, and get people to believe and trust and have confidence in you. That will raise your value. That will raise your sales. And that will really, really show off your value proposition in your B2B or B2C business.

Here’s another one that I love this because this is fun.

Your story repeatable.

Now do you ever meet somebody and they say you’ve got to hear the story about this or can I tell you about this or can I tell about this story that I heard from Stern Marketing the other day, this blog that I read or this video that I saw? It was fantastic. This is what happened in it. One of our main goals is to make your story so clear and so valuable to the people that will fall in love with you the most that they will be able to repeat it to others. You might call it word of internet, word of mouth marketing. Hey, you’ve got to see this video. Guess what? That also transfers over into sharing, people saying hey, you’ve got to see this. Guys, you’ve got to see this. Tagging all their friends and your amazing videos and media and all of those different kinds of things. We want to make it so that your story is so crystal clear and memorable that others can repeat it by heart.

And finally, our ultimate goal is to have your company and your brand and your products and your services be known, and not just seen. Our goal is to tap into your business, what your business should be known for, so that over time your reputation precedes you and people from all over the world come to find you from different sources to work with you. Isn’t it amazing, when you get to this point where all of a sudden someone says, well, I gosh I don’t know where I found you, but I see you everywhere. You are omnipresent, and we all know, me and my friends and my colleagues and the people that I work with and everybody else, knows that you are the best at blank. That you are the best at what you do, being it fixing cars or being a chiropractor or being a funeral home director or being a health coach or a life coach or an inspirational speaker or a motivational speaker.

Whatever it is, whatever industry you’re in. If you know a lot about installing Epicor, a giant ERP software in big manufacturing divisions, let’s make you known for that. Then together, when we have a core philosophy, a core strategy that matches up with these core philosophies and values, we are perfect to work together.

I invite you to register for my six free classes. We’re actually adding more to it. Just some really, really great advice and information to get you change your thinking a little bit, so that we’re setting the right intention and that we have the right philosophy in our marketing of your business.

This is Darrell Stern. I look forward to going Stern Storming with you and working with you in my exciting marketing agency, Stern.Marketing. Have a great day.