“To market what you do, you must TELL people what you do.
And you must tell them over and over again.”
— Darrell Stern, CEO Stern Inbound Marketing

YouTube took video into the streaming era.

The idea that anyone can be a video content creator continues to fascinate.

YouTube has opened up a cornucopia of talented YouTubers who have attracted and nurtured millions of subscribers into loyal followings.

Know, Like and Trust

One of the key elements in gaining customers is the Know, Like, and Trust factor.

People buy from companies they know like and trust.

When a customer comes to your store and you help them solve a problem, you are, without possibly knowing it, establishing the trust factor by explaining how you would solve their problem and demonstrating your expertise.

Now, lets take that experience and digitalize and distribute it.

We use YouTube to allow you to show off what you know, what you can teach, and how you can help the people would value you the most.

That, with a bit of YouTube SEO keywords and suddenly you are sitting in a stream of content your potential customers are ALREADY watching on Youtube.

You HAVE noticed that after you watch a video ANOTHER one plays that is somehow related yes?

So now, 24, Seven you ARE demonstrating what you know, your value, and the benefit of working with you.

Then comes the tricky part most leave out.

A TV commercial does not work on a YouTube channel,

BUT a bit of marketing spin and good old urgency does.

We make sure your audience knows what to do NEXT when your video ends.

Not just “call us today” or sign up now, But:

If you are experiencing the same issue with your Mazda, we would love to work with you on a plan to prevent this type of repair from happening. We are here 24/7—  Give us a call, thanks!

Let’s bring measurable ROI to your YouTube strategy, help you produce the media, and then add the post-production elements we need to make your perfect b2b or b2c customer do business with you the moment your video is over. Right then. Right Now.

Let’s #GetStern about your YouTube strategy.