Hey, this is Darrell Stern, your Digital Marketing Jedi, with another little value bomb for you guys, talking about inbound marketing and lead nurturing campaigns.

So, I was working with a local property management company, they had an awesome landing page that said, “Hey, fill out this form, we’ll give you an assessment on your home for lead generation.” Then the whole thing fell apart. After that initial contact, that initial email, they went on to every three days send an additional email that simply went something like this, “Hey, haven’t from you in a while, here’s another page from our brochure. Did you know that we also provide this service.” Or, “Take a look at our webpage here or this thing.”

Okay, the true art and science of automated lead nurturing, the true art and science of inbound marketing are to start meaningful and maintain meaningful conversations. So, I’m going to give you a couple of tips today. One, change the reply to email on the emails that are sent out to you or your CMO, or maybe on your sales staff. You can also do this with some systems with a round-robin where they’re going to different members of your sales team.

Second, make every email a conversation. Write, “Hey, what did you think of our new ebook? What type of value did you get out of it? Let me ask you a question, are you facing problems A, B, and C? We know we face them and we’ve overcome them in a number of ways, and I’d like to talk to you about it. So, hit reply to this email and let me know what is your top concern in this area?”

You with me? Make this very conversational. Even though this is an automated drip inbound marketing campaign, which you can do in InfusionSoft or HubSpot, Aweber, MailChimp, any type of system works with this. Even ActiveCampaign too as well of course. But what I’m saying is the true art and science of automated inbound lead nurturing is to make these emails very conversational, very personal. The person opening the email is your potential biggest client, right? This is a one on one conversation between you and them. It is not you handing out brochures at some trade show fair randomly to everyone. It is a personal eye contact conversation. And to top it all off, if you can add a video to every single step, that would be great.

One of my top clients, private banking concepts, has an email campaign to start a free money 101 course. And every three days the person receives an email that has the next video blog that asks them serious questions, that really guides them through a conversation about how they deal with their money. And their email open rate is over 50%, which as you might know, is unheard of in inbound marketing.

So, this is Darrell Stern, your Digital Marketing Jedi. If you’d like to create a killer, a killer inbound marketing landing page and followup lead nurturing campaign, I would love to go Stern Storming with you. Have a great day.