Hey there, this is Darrell Stern, your digital marketing Jedi and also the lead professor of the Stern Marketing Academy.

I wanted to give you a quick tip, okay this is part of a series of just quick, really quick, simple marketing tips. I want you to think about how you search on the internet, how you search. Even on Facebook and social media. How do you search? Most of the time you’re looking for an answer to something right. So if you’re looking for an answer you would usually ask a question, right. How do I do this? How do I solve this problem? How do I bake a potato? How long do I …? I’m thinking of Christmas dinner right now or Hanukkah dinner. So those type of things is how you should title your blogs and your videos, right. Not as statements, right, but as questions.

Now here’s a tricky one too, right.

Would I type in how do you boil an egg?

Or would I type in how do I boil an egg?

Right. I’m talking about me.

So even think about that, and how specific you can get because if you put in a video saying how do I boil an egg? Rather than how do, you boil you an egg? You just might be the number one video on all of YouTube with billions and billions of videos being uploaded every single minute, right, for that question. Okay? Now let’s change that up a little bit and focus on the questions that are really pertinent to the pain points of your ideal client. In other words, you know you’re really good at solving this. I know I have a solution. Have you ever been frustrated when you know you can fix this for people, why aren’t these people coming to me? Right. Well, it’s because you’re not giving them proof that you can solve that problem, right. How do we do that? How do we find these people?

Well, they’re searching for us. We want to be put in a position, in a strategic position, where we can be found. So I would welcome you to be relentless, be stern, get stern, join me in a Stern Storming session or in my Stern Marketing Academy where we can isolate these specific ways that we can title our videos and title our blogs and even our social media posts and our Facebook ads and all that different kind of stuff. So that we’re bringing those people in that would really, really, really value us the most. That would pay us the most for what we do and that would become our highest qualified clients. I’m Darrell Stern, your digital marketing Jedi, and I look forward to going Stern storming with you and welcoming you into my Stern Marketing Academy.