Why my business needs a responsive website design

Responsive web design is an approach to constructing a website to provide an optimal viewing experience across multiple platforms.

In plain English, the website code “responds” to the viewable area of the web browser, and changes the layout and navigation of a web site. ┬áThree columns that appear horizontally on a desktop computer change to three modules of content that are stacked on top of each other when viewed on an iPhone or Android smartphone.

This mobile compatibility is essential to your brand’s communication strategy as more of your content now and in the future will be seen on mobile and tablet devices as more people are checking email and responding to social media “tweets” and “likes” through mobile devices.

When pouring dollars into PPC campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it is important to understand that your search engine listing or ad will be responded to more and more on a mobile device, so ignoring this can lead to an overall loss in revenue and branding as you company simply begins to seem out of date.

Google LOVES responsive web design, as we are not changing the destination URL to view your company’s brand on a mobile device. Your Search Engine Strategy only has to be done once.

WordPress and Joomla! are two popular Content Management Systems which now “out of the box” are responsive and mobile compatible. This move in the Open Source Software world to accepting Responsive Web Design as a “standard” points to where we are heading as a mobile culture.

If you are thinking about updating your website to a new design, do not overlook responsive coding and further future proof your brand and online marketing by including responsive technology in your next website development project.