Google places, a service of big G, has got lot to do with in the business strategy of Local business owners. If any local business owner is not taking due advantage of Google Places, he is then skipping a bigger opportunity and hence losing business. Only SEO of the company (Local Business) website will not do any more, getting listed in google places has to be a part of online marketing strategy for almost any sort of local business.

Getting listed in Google places is important because of the following reasons

  • Google places results comes first. Hence probability of getting clicked by targeted customers is more.
  • When some body searches a product with the location name then he is most likely a buyer therefore a greater conversion rate is achieved.
  • Your well optimized website might not bring as much customers as a Google places listing because organic results are displayed below the Places results.
  • It’s absolutely free service.
  • You would get to see an expansion of your business as you will get lot of targeted customers.

What it takes to get listed in Google Places?

Well it depends upon the competition in your field.Lesser competitive area needs lesser effort to get listed and getting visibility in SERP. But in competitive field sometimes it becomes tougher than normal SEO. There comes the role of Google places SEO. It’s not much different. But the main thing is to increase the visibility of your local business around the web. And that task is mind numbingly boring. You can do it yourself if you can afford to.