Why Bigcommerce Responsive Web Design Offers an Incredible Value

Based out of Australia, Bigcommerce is known for it’s fantastic pricing, strong security features and most of all – it’s incredibly powerful inventory system.

If you’re a merchant who’s looking to get the most value for your dollar spent, then look no further than Bigcommerce responsive web design.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider using the Bigcommerce platform.

Upgraded backend

This year’s version of Bigcommerce features its easiest-to-use interface yet. Now users will have everything they need to make their online storefront better than ever before; including gorgeous new designs, 100’s of new features at no extra cost, credit card payment systems and more!

Fantastic pricing

As far as e-commerce sites go, Bigcommerce responsive web designs offer the best bang for your buck. Just this past year, they’ve added literally hundreds of new features and upgrades with absolutely NO increase in fees to their users. Once you factor in their award-winning support and apps that can be used to do just about everything under the sun, Bigcommerce provides a great value.

And did we mention their fantastic security options?

Hacker-deterrence, provisioning, hardware firewalls, PCI compliance – you name it, Bigcommerce has a way to protect it. While there’s always a certain risk of infiltration and or experiencing security breaches, the sheer number of security tools offered by Bigcommerce lowers the likelihood of those events significantly.

The Time is now

The great news about Bigcommerce is that it’s found itself on the receiving end of a great deal of re-investment this past year, meaning that users can expect some pretty big things in 2013. Among them will be improved free site design templates, a mess of new features and a brand-spanking-new interface. These are exciting times to get involved with Bigcommerce, so what are you waiting for? Jump in!

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