Why 2013 is the Year of Responsive Website Design

You might have noticed that Mashable has a new website design which is now responsive.

You might have also noticed that many major publications are coming out with a new site design that responds when viewed on a tablet or smart phone.

Windows 8 and the dawn of touch screen PCs has ushered in a new design style which is making the desktop display look and feel more like a tablet.

PC sales keep dropping and tablet and smart phone sales keep growing.

This year, your company should be looking to recreate your online presence using responsive coding.

This year you can not just count your desktop website as your online presence when so many are getting to your website through social media and smart phone apps and email signatures on tablets and smartphones.

The conversion of your current online presence from a “static width” website design to a fluid “responsive” website design is not as difficult as you might think especially if you are currently using an open source content marketing system such as WordPress or Joomla.

The general functionality of responsive website design in plain English involves CSS Media Queries which change the layout, font sizes and even visibility of elements of your website.

Google LOVES responsive website design because the CONTENT of your website and your Search Engine Optimization works the same on any platform. Google doesn’t like your company to have a separate mobile website as it appears that you are spamming the search engines with duplicate content.

E Commerce the king of profitability on the web is also the king of responsive website design. As Shopping on your phone or tablet is so convenient.

So, let’s get responsive. Contact stern for a consultation and we will responsively respond, have a responsive conversation and future proof your brand online.