There have been many blogs and articles written about the optimal times to post content on social media sites.

Developing a content and social media schedule of blogs, posts, and YouTube videos is important, especially as your audience continues to grow. Many brands put out a weekly or daily YouTube show, podcast, or live-stream project, creating an audience of anticipation as people come to expect certain content from a publisher.

That publisher can be a company like Buzzfeed, whose hilarious #WhineAboutItWednesdays videos had the tagline “Watch as I, Matt Bellassai, get drunk at my desk and complain about stuff.” Or it can be a Snapchat Influencer like ImNickRobertson, who always does #BadJokeMonday where his followers on Snapchat submit bad jokes that he broadcasts to his audience.

Even brands who use live video streaming, like Snapchat, Periscope, and Facebook Live, make sure to go live at specific times when they know they’ll have the largest audience possible.

But sometimes, the correct time to create content is simply this…when you feel inspired.

It is 11am on a Monday here in the Stern offices and writing this blog was not on my “schedule”, but the topic has been on my mind for a while since I saw a live broadcast from Joel Comm on Facebook where he touted this same idea.

Go live and post when you are inspired.

Working in creative digital marketing, we have schedules for posts, videos, and even Instagram pictures. But sometimes, when an idea strikes, I love to grab my phone and start going live on Periscope, record a new Instagram story, or even introducing a quick #LifeHack or #MarketingHack on Snapchat.

We all have creative capabilities, and if we put ourselves into such a strict schedule such that we are not allowing ourselves to create the moment that inspiration comes to us, we are limiting the very value that makes our worth so incredible.

In the middle of the night or early in the morning, in the shower or in the middle of lunch, a “Eureka” moment might just come to you! If that’s the case, write a blog, record a YouTube video, or go Live on Facebook expressing your thoughts!

After your live broadcast, you have created media that you can repackage and use on other platforms, or even have transcribed to use as the outline for a blog. Writing out your content and posting it with your video, infographic, or photos is the best possible SEO strategy there is.

So what’s the best solution for when to post on social media? The best solution is to do both live inspiration and scheduled content. Use a tool like Sprout Social to help you organize and plan out when your posts can make the biggest impact.

Whether it’s for your personal brand or that of a company, capturing your media when the moment of inspiration strikes is the best possible strategy!