What Social Media Can and Can’t Do

  1.  Social media cannot make up for a bad product, company or organization. If you have a crappy product or service, not only will social media not help you, but it will actually hurt your cause. . . as word will spread quickly.  All over the internet, you will find reviews. . . all of which can help or hurt your business.  A great business will check regularly to respond to any and all reviews to their business. . . to thank raves, or quickly remedy rants.
  2. Social media won’t lead to overnight sales success.  Success will take time and will come with a great marketing plan in increased buzz. . . referrals, traffic, and eventually sales.  All of this takes some time.  You might be familiar with the statement, and overnight success is usually 10-15 years.  Luckily, that was before social media. . . Done right, you can be an “overnight success”, but it won’t be overnight.
  3. Social media is not free. Yes, Facebook and other social media outlets are free. . . however, building and executing a likable social media plan will take lots of time and work.  This should be integrated across your entire company, its agencies, and vendors.  It takes a “village” and continuous involvement.

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