What is Inbound Marketing and Why Your Marketing Plan Should Include It.

As a leading Inbound Marketing Agency stern will work with your company to attract customers and nurture leads using content, social media and online analytic tools.

What is Changing in the Internet Marketing World?

The Internet is not Print and it is not Television. Customer behavior is different on the web. Whereas people are used to being interrupted by a TV commercial, on the web, behavior is different. Your potential customers are searching for and sharing information and not necessarily LOOKING for YOU or your brand.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is DIFFERENT than traditional marketing in that it does not interrupt your potential customer’s behavior. Instead it flows WITH what your customers are already looking for and searching for.
Inbound Marketing grabs the attention of your potential customers. It is the process of bringing traffic to your website through useful information and different forms of Social Media. Blogs, videos, eBooks, podcasts, tweets, SEO, etc. and other forms of content marketing are considered inbound marketing. On the flip side, outbound marketing is traditional advertising such as TV commercials, spam, junk mail, cold-calling, sales flyers, etc., which have become increasingly ineffective.

This is not to say that outside sales, cold calling, and radio and TV advertising don’t work. A 30 second television commercial during the Super Bowl costs millions and these valuable time slots have pushed mid size companies to nationally known name brands. A famous example is the Monster.com series of Super Bowl ads.

The question is HOW do you sales leads come in and what is the BEHAVIOR of your audience?

Inbound Marketing attracts traffic that converts the visitors to leads, which converts leads to sales. . . keeping those customers coming back as repeat, quality customers. Inbound marketing is effective because it is current and instantaneous. When calculating your cost of acquisition, Inbound Marketing can often be a far less expensive way to start your sales funnel.

Why should your business embrace Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing has come about because traditional advertising, such as TV commercials and junk mail has become less than effective due to technology. We have the capability to fast forward through commercials and usually do. Research has shown that 86% of viewers skip commercials and 44% of recipients never open direct mail (junk mail). However, companies that blog have 50% more visitors to their websites than those who don’t! On average, inbound marketing leads cost 60% less on average than those through traditional “outbound marketing.” Save money and be effective.
Chart your course for success with an Inbound Marketing strategy developed by stern.

The stern approach to Inbound Marketing combines Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

We work with you to create content that attracts customers in your target market and then carefully measure the results and adapt our Inbound Marketing Campaigns.