What if my competition follows me on twitter?

So you got a notification that one or more of your competitors have followed you on Twitter. What do you do? You embrace it. Here’s why:

People follow leaders, in life and on Twitter.

If you notice one day that your competition is following you on Twitter, instead of fretting over it see it as an advantage.

If your competitors are following you, it means you are doing something right. So keep going. Let them see how you lead. Let them be followers. It puts you in the position of innovator. And innovators get noticed. People will witness others climbing to your level. Use this as motivation to be always one-step ahead of others.You will get more notice as the front-runner, and others will value you and your business even more because of it.


Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. It’s not any different in social media. The reason your competition follows you is that they want to see what you are doing and whom you are connecting with, because you have something valuable to offer.

Attention Getting

Your competitors have followers just like you do. These are people already in your target market, and they see you. When a rival follows you, they are inadvertently pointing attention to you and your business. This gives their audience opportunity to find value in you. Think of it as a little bit of free advertisement.

A Call to Action

People are constantly looking for more, better, different. Give it to them. Act like the leader you are. Use the situation as motivation to show people you are ahead of the rest. Knowing the eyes of competing businesses are set on you may burn that fire under you a little hotter. Show why you are the leader and why the others are followers. You may find that having others on your tail inspires you to become even more attractive and innovative.

Increase Revenue

When you stand in the position of leader your business’ value increases. This gives you opportunity to charge more for your products and services and increase your revenue. People will line up because they know they are getting the best from the head of the pack, you. This process is cyclical: when competitors follow you, you get more attention, people buy from you at a higher rate, you get more attention, and so on.

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