We all know that this coming week is Thanksgiving, a time to pause and give thanks for what we have accomplished in life and for the many blessings that have come our way the past year.

Since relocating to Aurora we have brought many new talented artists, sales people and programmers into our staff, and we have been amazed by their dedication to helping us build our company here.

This past Wednesday, we sponsored the 2011 Aurora Web Awards, and our staff and friends came out in full force to help us work our table and make new contacts at the event, and they did an amazing job.

So this year, I would like to thank Leif Cedar, an extremely talented graphic artist and comedian who now heads up our visual team, Tom Gambino, a remarkably friendly and dedicated account executive, and Rachel Wessley an amazing painter and event coordinator for their help in bringing stern to the public for the first time in the great city of Aurora.

We would also like to thank the staff of the Westword for their incredible support and guidance through our largest ad campaign in the mile high city.

But most of all, we would like to thank our clients, new and old who have chosen to work with us over the myriad of marketing and design studios they had to choose from.

As we push through these trying economic times, pause, and give thanks to those who are standing by you, to your friends, family and colleagues.

In 2012 we will celebrate our 10th anniversary by launching Denpeeps.com a social network for Aurora, FunnyPeople.us.com a social network for comedians, and many more projects from our amazing clients.

Looking forward to working with you, our readers, in the future.

Thank you for your amazing support.

~Darrell Stern


Stern LLC