How did a disappearing-selfie app for teens transform into a multinational marketing behemoth used by B2B companies like IBM?


The answer lies in the story.


The Snapchat story, of course, is the 24-hour-long collection of images and videos called “snaps.” And just like the name, the goal is to give the viewer a snapshot of what’s happening in your everyday life, whether that means performing original songs on your guitar, singing along to the radio, or DJ’ing at shows all around the world.


Individuals who have mastered the art of the Snap story have millions of followers. They have brands ready to pay $30,000 for one 10-second snap showcasing their product.


If $30K isn’t quite in your budget, here are some ideas of how your Denver B2B company can use Snapchat to attract new customers, showcase your products and improve your brand messaging.

Attract new customers using Snapchat Geofilters and Sponsored Ads.  

Snapchat recently introduced a feature that allows users to add their own geofilter to their Snapchat account. A geofilter, or geotag, is a filter on Snapchat that you can add to let others know your location. Geotags for Denver include neighborhoods like Washington Park, Capitol Hill, and the Downtown District. Usually they include the name of the area in a creative logo that shows up on top of your snap.


At Stern Inbound Marketing, we can create a creative Geofilter that will get all your followers to notice your event or product giveaway. We can make sure your custom-designed geofilter has a purpose and a creative message to draw people to your business.

Show off your company’s behind-the-scenes action and recruit new employees using Snap stories.

When you think of big industry companies like IBM and Cisco, you might think going behind-the-scenes of computers and data sounds boring. But both companies have successfully used employee takeovers on Snapchat to offer insights behind the action of creating and improving software.


IBM even has their own submission form where any employee can apply to take over the account for a day to share a story.


“This has allowed us to showcase dozens of stories across six continents since launching our account six months ago,” said IBM Global Strategist Katie Keating.

Test out a new product by partnering with a Snapchat Influencer.

Ever heard of a Snapchat takeover? That means you hand over your company Snapchat account to someone who’s responsible for creating posts and stories for the next 24-hour period.


“Why would I do such a thing?,” you may be wondering. First of all, Snapchat Influencers are professional Snapchat artists who utilize their millions of followers to broadcast your product, event or company. Snapchat Influencer campaigns are successful for two reasons: Your product will appear to thousands, or possibly millions, of more people; and research has proven that word-of-mouth advertising, which includes word-of-mouth recommendations from influencers, is by far the most trusted source of advertising. Think of a Snapchat Influencer as a way for tastemakers to support a brand with creativity and spontaneity.


At Stern, our relationships with these Snapchat Influencers makes it easy for us to connect you with a profile to match your brand. Contact us today at 303-353-4354 to see how Stern can use Snapchat to market your Denver B2B company.