Using Google Fonts In Responsive Design

stern, a Aurora Web Design Company uses Google Fonts in almost all of our Responsive Web Design.

Typography is a field that deals with both artistic sensibilities and practicality. Great fonts should be easy to read, but they also need to be attractive to users. Design experts understand that a great font can make a printed design or a website stand out, and countless studies have supported this notion. The Internet, however, has been a bit slow to deliver great options for fonts, and many websites are plagued with poor font choices that mar an otherwise great design. Fortunately, web developers now have another option: Google Web Fonts.

Google Web Fonts
Google has reputation for providing great, free tools for developers, and web developers use many of their technologies. With Google Web Fonts, developers can now have access to hundreds of high-quality fonts that can be easily deployed on a website. These fonts require little code to integrate, and they do not require that web developers even download them. Most importantly, new web technologies allow websites to embed fonts, so users will not have to download these fonts either.

Open Development
One of the top benefits of Google Web Fonts is how they are developed. Users can submit their own fonts for inclusion, and most of the fonts provided have been developed by individuals and type foundries who want to improve the web by supplying great fonts for free. Further, the development process is done publicly, and users can suggest changes or improvements for Google to implement. Developers can download these font collections and the code used to create these fonts. Permissive licensing ensures that web developers will never have to pay to access these fonts.

Using Google Fonts in Responsive Design
Most fonts were initially developed with print in mind. As computers became more popular, some fonts were tweaked to look better on screens, and technology exists to improve the look of traditional fonts. Few fonts, however, are designed to look great on mobile devices, and website developers sometimes become frustrated with their options. Google Web Fonts fill this need by supplying fonts that look great on screens of all sizes, and developers can use this functionality to ease the process of creating a website compatible with Responsive Web Design practices. Some experts believe that using Google fonts in responsive design will become standard as mobile devices continue to rise in popularity; developers can get ahead of the competition by using Google fonts in responsive design as soon as possible.

Let us show you how Google Fonts can enhance the typography of your online project.