There are two important parts to networking on Twitter:

First, you need to connect with the right people that you want involved with your business or service, and the people who can connect you to more. Although, there aren’t any true guidelines to what you should do on Twitter, it’s quite simple that you need to act in an appropriate way for the people you want to connect with.

Remember, your first impression always counts, even on Twitter. Followers notice the content on your Twitter page, your Twitter handle, your photo, your name, the page(s) you link to and your bio. Twitter monitoring will help you find out how to make the right first impression. Regular monitoring will also keep you up to date on any changing trends in Twitter etiquette so you can adjust your tactics when needed.

Do you want to connect with someone on Twitter, but just don’t know where to start? Some ways of connecting to people on Twitter and/or to get them to notice you are the all known ‘retweets’, ‘favorites’, and of course ‘following’.

Retweeting is a great way to start a connection, but you usually need to do a bit more to get a response and start a conversation. For example, add some personal comments to the retweet.

Pay attention to how others engage with people and favorite the tweets from them that you like. Another option is a public mention of someone you appreciate with options for them to follow others.

Second, you need to establish beneficial relationships with your followers/followed to get beyond the scope of Twitter and into real world connections. After getting on other people’s radar, it’s time to take the networking up a notch and try to begin a real connection for your business. Now, we’re ‘social media networking’.

Try writing Tweets that engage your followers in conversations, Tweets that they’ll want to retweet and favorite. Ask a question or make a bold statement and always have a link to a corresponding blog or landing page on your website.

Pay attention to how you ‘follow’. For instance, do you have about the same number of followers as you are following? Or, do you automatically follow everyone? Once someone follows you should always send a personal ‘thank you’ message.

When I say personal, go look at their account and SEE who they are, what they like, and what they tweet about. Thank them with a kind note like “looking forward to more #socialmedia articles from you!”

Does your message promote your business or service AND does it show you care and want to connect?

By paying attention to the consistency of your Twitter presence, you’ll send a strong message of what interests you and you’ll attract the people you want to connect with most.

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