A business run haphazardly is a business doomed to fail. The key to staying organized is to systemize and automate sales interactions with potential customers.

Wait a minute!

Is Stern Inbound Marketing suggesting that you systemize and automate sales interactions, lead generation and nurturing of leads?

That’s exactly what we’re suggesting.

In fact, we’ll go out on a limb and say: if you don’t systemize and automate sales interactions, you’re your own worst enemy.

So how do you begin systemizing and automating your sales interactions and nurturing of leads?

By using a great computer program that:

  •        stores information on prospective clients,
  •        tracks their behaviors,
  •        automatically extends them additional information about your goods or services at no charge,
  •        convinces them they should hire or buy from your company, and
  •        does all this without you having to lift a finger. That way you can concentrate on other things.

Right now, some readers probably think that we’re crazy.

“Are you kidding? Is that really possible?”

Absolutely. Here’s just one example of how:

Let’s assume that your business has a website.

Most people don’t know it, but a crafty web designer can tag every page of your website:

  •        Your home page.
  •        Your “About the Company” page.
  •        Your “Case Studies” page.
  •        Your “Success Stories” page,
  •        And yes, this includes your E-commerce pages — the pages where clients go and stand right on the brink of purchasing from you — but stop!

We’ll say it again: every single one of these pages can be tagged.

That means your website places an invisible label on every unique visitor the very first time they visit that page.

These labels allow you to track how many times that unique visitor comes back to peruse your content. This is what creates the ability to automate sales interactions.

You know how ecology experts catch wild animals? Why do they do that if they’re just going to release them again?

Because they’re going to place a tag on that animal. This tag will track the animals wherever they go. And that will allow the ecology experts to study the animal’s migratory habits. Which in turn tells the expert a lot about the animal’s behavior. Inbound marketing operates in exactly the same fashion.

There’s practically no difference between studying a wild animal by tracking their tags and studying the behavior of prospective customers for your business.

So remember:

  •        everyone who visits your company’s website is a lead.
  •        the tags your website places on these leads allows you to track them.
  •        tracking your leads gives you insight into what holds their attention the most, how often they visit specific material, and many other data points that can help you better engage prospective customers and guide them to closing a sale.

How can you organize all these data points? By using programs like AllProWebTools, InfusionSoft, HubSpot, or Google Analytics. Or by hiring someone who knows how to use them. (We do!)

Right now you might be thinking: “Okay, I get that these programs can collect that information. But what do I do with the information I’ve collected?”

Great question. The answer is (or should be): very little!

By which we mean:

Once you’ve learned what your leads are doing, reaching out to them and tapping them on the shoulder to keep them interested should be a completely automatic process.

Yup. Go back and read that again. We’re not kidding.

In fact, we’ll say it again: tapping [your leads] on the shoulder to keep them interested should be a completely automatic process.


Stern is an Inbound Marketing firm. We focus on lead generation and lead nurturing through strategicInbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. We carefully measure and report our results. Our top clients report an 8 to 1 or higher #MarkeingROI on their investment.

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