The Power of Twitter – An Introduction


You should never say you don’t have time to advertise your business through social media.  It is so portable, you can do it any time. . . on the run, out and about, from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, according to your own schedule.  At its most basic, Twitter will help you break in to Social Media.

Have you attempted Twitter?  It is a simple concept, with potential HUGE results.

Creating an Internet business, even a small one, requires work. . . part of that work involves staying up to date with the newest tools and the latest online innovations.  Twitter grew out of the online networking craze that had given sites like MySpace and Facebook such giant valuations.


After you have created an account and creatively chosen a Twitter username. . . . You MUST create a following.  If no one is following you. . no one will know what you are writing.  The easiest way to create a following is by following other “Tweeters”.  So, it is fairly easy to find followers. . . a little harder to keep them.  Make your content something that people actually want to read.

Twitter is limited to 140 characters. . . which might not seem like a lot at first. . . and might be a little challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it can be quite fun . . . and even relaxing.

Twitter works best for your business if you have your own website and/or blog where you can show your business in all its glory to your customers.  Your tweets can take your followers to wherever you want them to go.

At its most basic, Twitter is a communication tool.  It’s a channel that lets you speak to lots of people and enlighten them about your life and your work.  It is a place where people come to chat. . . a virtual water cooler, if you will.

Success on Twitter- in face, commercial success anywhere! – is the result of a four-step process: Know me. Like me. Trust me. Pay me.

Get started on your Twitter account and come back for more helpful hints!

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