Hey this is Darrell Stern may the force be with you. I am your digital marketing Jedi and I just wanted to give you another quick tip for my Stern Marketing Academy, and something that came out of our Stern Storming Session.

It’s really simple but yet a lot of people right over their heads. Marketing and advertising are two very different things, they’re different.

If you’re advertising something you are promoting a product. Come and buy this, 20% off we’re having a sale, here’s the offer, here’s the deal. Marketing is the art of start of staying visible to your target market, staying visible to the, staying engaged with them, and then nurturing them towards eventually working with you. But marketing and advertising are two different things.

Now here is the tricky part. There are Facebook ads, everybody’s talking about the Facebook ads and the funnels. So there’s kind of a hybrid there because really Facebook ads should not look like ads at all. You would want to put your advertising into the natural environment of where these posts and this stream of Facebook posts and all that are going. So they’re the hybrid to marketing and advertising on social media. There’s also a hybrid to the difference between how we would tweet out something that we’re doing versus how we would put it on Pinterest, versus how we would put the title on our blog and how we would do our SEO.

Everything is different, but my key thing that I want you to know is if you’re looking for a marketing agency because you’re thinking, well they’re going to market it, they’re going to get the word out there and show them my 20% off deal. That’s not what a marketing company does. If you want to advertise go talk to an advertising agency. If you really want to be visible to your target audience, build the following that is really, really, really going to be your best clients, and your best cheerleaders, and your best referral partners then you come to me. We go Stern Storming, I welcome you into the Stern Marketing Academy, and we really learn the art and science of digital marketing.

Can’t wait to hear from you. Can’t wait for you to join. Thank you, I’m Darrell Stern your Digital Marketing Jedi. Do or do not there is no try.

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