Any of you who were on the email campaign list for Barack Obama know that the amount of emails sent out asking for donations was a big daunting, but in the end it was the personal connection I felt with the President that became more and more apparent.

On the night of the election after the results were in I received this email:
Darrell —

I’m about to go speak to the crowd here in Chicago, but I wanted to thank you first.

I want you to know that this wasn’t fate, and it wasn’t an accident. You made this happen.

You organized yourselves block by block. You took ownership of this campaign five and ten dollars at a time. And when it wasn’t easy, you pressed forward.

I will spend the rest of my presidency honoring your support, and doing what I can to finish what we started.

But I want you to take real pride, as I do, in how we got the chance in the first place.

Today is the clearest proof yet that, against the odds, ordinary Americans can overcome powerful interests.

There’s a lot more work to do.

But for right now: Thank you.


A personal email from the President, signed with his first name and addressed to my first name THANKING me.

The emotional response I had was really pride and a connection to the man I wanted to lead my country.

My point is that it is this connection that I would hope you would want your customers to have with your brand and company.

Personal and gratuitous messages are powerful. The most engaging and empowering message any human being can receive is “I care about you” and “Thank You”.

So, when you are writing your e mail marketing drip campaigns and newsletters, think about this personalization. Consider the emotional connection you can have with your clients on a personal level.

Customers will return to you when they honestly believe you CARE about then and are THANKFUL to have your business.

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