So you create a new website, you are proud of it and you let people know about it.
A few weeks later you look at it again and realize some changes could be made to the menu items and the background image is becoming outdated.

A month or two later your website is really annoying you. There is something wrong with it because although it looks great and even your mom said it rocked, it is not generating any leads for your business.

So, you hire a new marketing guy and he says that you need to rebrand your logo and change a lot of graphics and content.

Rinse Repeat.

Does this sound like you and your business website?

The reality is most websites LOOK fine. They function fine and there is really nothing wrong with them at all in terms of appearance and navigation.

The problem is your website has no connection to the outside world. Its just sitting there like a spider with no legs, unable to spin a web and capture tasty potential customers. (please don’t actually eat your potential customers)

Picture New York City on a map. NYC has LEGS. Bridges, tunnels, interstate and local highways are all leading people into the big apple.

Your website is a small town in a rural hideaway with one dirt road leading in and out and that road is currently blocked by a giant bear scaring off anyone who approaches.

So how do we grow those LEGS? How do we turn your presence on the internet into  a central metropolis many people can travel to?

Blog – Start one. If its an interesting article people will find it and think “this company knows it stuff” or even “that was simply hilarious and made my day”.

Those blog readers might then comment or contact you about your great article and then you can start a conversation.

Marketing as defined by a few others and myself is “starting meaningful conversations”. Relationships that grow into sales prospects, opportunities and leads.

Social media adds another layer as those reading your articles can SHARE that information with their friends and colleagues. Further spreading the word that your business knows its stuff or even just simply that you are bleeping hilarious.

So stop looking at your website over and over and start growing those legs. Once you get moving you can spin a web of blog articles, Facebook pages and tweets that will turn your “out in the boondocks” website into a thriving metropolis.

stern is a Aurora based web design and social media marketing agency specializing in building businesses through creative design, responsive technology, and the new world of social media.

Reach out to stern and lets grow some legs for your business.