How to use Twitter for customer service

Twitter is known not just for the use of the hashtag but for being a great and easy customer service platform. There are many businesses using Twitter for customer service and having great success. So, we like to think of how to use Twitter for customer service as a vast untapped resource, and we’ve got three tips to let you take advantage of it.

  • Customer Service at Lighting Speed: Gone are the days of waiting in long lines at the store to speak to a customer service agent or holding on for an eternity on the phone.  According to theSocialMediaExaminer, “the average response time was 5.1 hours with 10% of companies answering within an hour” JetBlue “is known to be extremely responsive to customers.”  Focus on responding to customer inquiries quickly since “customers expect quick responses.” Giving quick responses will ensure that customers remain satisfied with your customer service and retaining customers as a whole.
  • Get A Specific Twitter Handle Just for Customer Service: To make sure that you answer all requests in a timely fashion, and don’t have to go combing through your Twitter feed looking for customer questions, it is best to just get a special twitter handle for customer service.  SocialMediaExaminerhighlights the brand Nike that has a twitter handle “@NikeSupport dedicated solely to responding to customers who need help.”
  • Always Be Available: Depending on your product and where your customers are located, someone might have a customer service need at eleven o’clock at night or five in the morning. Twitter gives you the ability to help your customers at any time of day. SocialMediaExaminer talks about how the ordering service Seamless is always available with “customer service around the clock.” By responding to your customers at all times you show real care and dedication to high quality customer service.

With these tips, you are well on your way to using Twitter successfully for customer service!

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