I started stern LLC because I was frustrated by big advertising firms over charging for simple website design and marketing tasks.

My idea was to create the first ethical website design and marketing service. My goals were:

  • To always explain all technology in plain English
  • To explain to my potential clients that more money does not mean a better website
  • To show small business how to achieve the design and marketing results of the “big boys” on a small business budget
  • To provide the best and most comprehensive customer service in the website design industry.

If you contact any of our clients, I am sure they will agree that stern has been achieving its main philosophical and ethical goals.

My father, Dr. H. Willard Stern, was a philosophy professor. He taught logic, cognitive reasoning, and most importantly, business ethics… He taught me well.

~ Darrell Stern

I would love to help you launch a new Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing strategy that will deliver qualified leads for your B2B or B2C business.

It all starts with a Stern Storming Session.

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