I recently sent out a proposal to a client who had requested vendors to bid on a new e commerce project. The potential client had indicated that his budget was 10k or more.

After discussing the project requirements and reviewing them carefully, I placed a far lower bid than his budget cap.

I received a call from the potential client who explained that my bid was much lower than my competitors and he did not see how I could accomplish his project for so far less than other website design companies proposed it would need.

I explained that my company has the only ethical pricing policy on website design services in the country, and that I would rather him spend half of his budget on developing his project with stern, and the rest on marketing and advertising.

Again, he asked why the other bids were so high?

“Because you indicated that’s how much money you have to spend.” was my reply.

He then understood that my competition was not pricing his project based on the actual time or complexity of the work to be performed, but rather on his access to capital.

We are now working together on his project.

If you would like a fair and ethical estimate on your next website project, please reach out.

I would love to help you launch a new Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing strategy that will deliver qualified leads for your B2B or B2C business.

It all starts with a Stern Storming Session.

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