Social Media – The #2 Reason Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Compatible Responsive Web Design

As of April of this year. . . there are just under a BILLION registered users on Facebook, making it likely that it will pass the 1 billion mark well before the end of the year (if it hasn’t already). As of a year ago. . . a half BILLION on Twitter. . . . and just under 200 Million on LinkedIn. No matter what your target market, you can find a Social Networking Website. Is your website ready for to be seen through Social Media? Can your target market easily access your website through their mobile devices when you post links to your website though Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. . . or one of the unless Social Networking Websites? If your website is mobile optimization, i.e. “compatible”, it will be!

Without mobile-optimized code, most websites force mobile users to scroll or zoom, or become irritating, if not unusable, because the content is squished together. Fonts can become so small that they are unreadable, and if your website uses Flash, you can be certain no one on an Apple device will be viewing it.

If you are making the effort to post to any Social Markets. . . make sure your content is mobile compatible and responsive.


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