What exactly is Social Media? Facebook is a good way to explain.  Facebook is not Social Media. . . the content within Facebook is!  When you post a status, you expect others to make a comment. . . possibly take it in different directions. . . which sparks more conversation. . . this is the “Social” part of Facebook, even blogs.  Participation, discussions. . . opinions, anything that sparks conversation in the internet is the Social Media.  A great way to spark conversation is by using Twitter to tweet about anything! (Though, the more trendy, the better.)

The definition of Social Media is a vague thing.  At its broadest, it describes a form of publishing in which stories are swapped rather than published and the exchange of content happens within a community, rather like a chat in a restaurant.

At its narrowest, it describes one way in which publishers and marketers can put their messages in front of thousands of people and encourage them to build strong connections and firm loyalty.  (Have you “liked” anything lately?)

Twitter, which has launched 2 years ago, a lifetime in Internet terms, has had phenomenal growth, yet is amazingly underused!  Its growth has turned into a massive marketing opportunity.  As I mentioned, Twitter is a great way to spark conversation, grab attention and market your business.

Twitter has a large following among older, professional audiences, and a full quarter of Twitter’s users are high-earners, a valuable piece of information that makes the site a must-use for any serious marketer.  Facebook has realized the power of Twitter and has added their own microblogging system.  You can tweet within Facebook.  You can find that app here or by searching the app for Twitter.

Why use Twitter? There are two things that distinguish Twitter from other Social Media. . . Simplicity (only 140 characters) and Critical Mass (with over 10 million users).  Twitter might seem a little “simple” at first sight, but used correctly, its “critical mass” will definitely benefit your business.

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