And the Live Video Revolution in Social Media Marketing

Snapchat’s epic rise in popularity is only just the beginning of an era dominated by visual media. As with any other emerging social media platform that has taken the world by storm, marketers have jumped on board to include the visual media sharing platform to promote their brands.

As Snapchat’s Ads page states, its app is the “best way to reach 13-34-year-olds.” So, why is Snapchat so popular with this age group?

First, it gives a personal look into the way users and their friends view the world. Because social media is so personal, Snapchat really caters to this fundamental value of the visually social app. Celebrities especially benefit from this approach as it grants their followers a personal connection to their fans. In addition, the “real-time” aspect of social media is what is so appealing to users. In this instant gratification day and age, people want to know what’s happening NOW. On Snapchat, what’s known as “stories” (users’ collection of pictures and videos taken throughout the day) are updated in real-time. It is also a representation of who users are in that moment. Because users in this age group rapidly evolve, they can curate content that reflects that evolution. This allows users more freedom to express themselves as they wish. Additionally, Snapchat’s unique curated content is favored as it provides a unique and intimate view into the users’ social media presence.

With the rise of smartphone usage and app downloads, Snapchat is at the forefront of evolving social marketing technology with more than 100 million active daily users. Furthermore, Snapchat reports more than 5 billion video views per day.

As more and more brands begin to integrate Snapchat into their social marketing strategy, many others are left wondering, “how can I use this platform to promote my business?”

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Provide exclusive content, such as behind the scenes stories for your followers.

People often engage with brands on social media to get an insider look into the companies they’re following. This adds a sense of transparency to your brand, the concept of social media that cannot be ignored. Establishing what they feel is a “personal connection” with a brand makes them trust it more, thus resulting in a deeper established bond that ultimately equates to a better chance of a sale and long-term relationship. It creates a heightened sense of loyalty between the consumer and the brand. Providing exclusive content on Snapchat is a great way to increase the value of your content marketing strategy.

Incentivize with exclusive giveaways, perks, and other promotions.

On average, every Twitter user follows 5 or more brands and over 90% say that they follow a brand on Twitter to get discounts and promos. (Source: Social Media Today) Similarly, users on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms follow brands for exclusive deals. With the rise of marketing on Snapchat, brands should leverage this approach to garner followers and engagement.

Host “takeovers” with other influencers.

A social media “takeover” is a mutual collaboration between a brand and an influencer in which a variety of activities are hosted on the agreed upon platform to prompt interaction and engagement. A few examples of such activities may include Q&As, cross sharing of content, behind the scenes, and more. Beforehand, both parties make an announcement about the details of the takeover to generate interest and awareness. Similar to a “celebrity endorsement,” takeovers are a good way for social media entities to create a collaborative partnership between their followings.

Educate your SnapChat followers.

A fundamental value of any social media marketing is education. People want to know what your brand is about and what it stands for. Snapchat is another way to showcase the many aspects of your company. Adding Snapchat into your social app marketing equation is a great way for customers to get to know your brand on a more personal level.

As with any other social media marketing strategy, leveraging Snapchat to market your brand is beneficial for branding, reaffirming your company identity, and expanding the relationship with your existing and potential customers (followers). Furthermore, it is another interactive way to continue the conversation with your consumers.

Brands love Snapchat for a variety of reasons. Many regard it as one of the best mobile video platforms that currently exists due to the way it is formatted. Viewership can be optimized by connecting it and sharing content to other social media platforms, such as Facebook. The Digital General Manager of CNN, Andrew Morse comments that Snapchat has “a massive audience that is passionate and engaged.” With this specific type of demographic, engaging followers on Snapchat promotes an increased sense of brand loyalty, ultimately resulting in more sales.