There are literally dozens of great ecommerce platforms to choose from, but one has emerged from the pack as the undisputed leader. Shopify Responsive Website Design has become incredibly popular in recent years, nearly doubling the sales of the next biggest dog in the yard (Volusion).  So what’s all the buzz about?

That’s what we’re here to answer today. Shopify is not only incredibly easy to use, but it’s popular with search engines and most importantly – incredibly cost-effective.

Here’s what you should know:

The Shopify responsive web design is gorgeous

No, really. Especially if you’re a retailer, you’re going to be blown away at the look and feel of Shopify sites. It’s easy to navigate, easy to search and everything looks great.

Shopify is easy to set up

With many platforms – especially ecommerce – sites can sometimes seem like they’re more trouble than they’re worth to set up. With Shopify Responsive Website Design templates, you’ll be up and running fairly quickly. The interface is extremely user-friendly to boot, meaning that you’ll be able to seamlessly update your site moving forward.

Shopify is super affordable

Everything you do in any business is based on your bottom line. In the retail world, that applies even more so. Shopify offers a variety of affordable templates that look great, are easy to use and most importantly – are very affordable. Not only are there plenty of free templates to choose from, but the premium pieces won’t blow the bank either (they generally cost between $80 and $180.00). There’s also the option of hiring a designer if you want something a little more specialized.

The Shopify support is second-to-none

Shopify offers incredible customer support for its users. Filing tickets or calling their number gets you in touch with a representative quickly – meaning that your downtime (if there is any) is significantly reduced. In the retail world where time is money and money is time – having great support when things go wrong is priceless.

Shopify looks great on the go

The best part about Shopify Responsive Website Design is that well… it’s responsive! With over 60% of users doing their shopping via mobile devices, you’ll not only be where your customers are, but the site will look great and be easy to navigate as well. Shopify sites are fast, easy to navigate and above all else – accessible from anywhere!


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