Responsive Website Design

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Website Design is a method of coding the layout of a website design so that it MOVES and transforms depending on the screen width of the web browser it is being viewed on. Think of three bubbles in a pool of water that represent three columns of content on your desktop website. Now, pour that water into a narrow glass and the bubbles now stack on top of each other rather than floating next to each other.

More than ever before, people are using mobile devices to make online purchases. Goods, services and everything in between – people not only want more companies to go mobile – they’re demanding it! The problem is that mobile is a relatively new platform to most businesses and there are some reservations folks have before taking the plunge- the biggest one being the incredible amount of work that’s required to make a web site mobile-ready. Thanks to the emergence of Responsive WordPress Design, all the heavy lifting that used to plague users has been done already; making it easier than ever before to maintain both a desktop and mobile web presence that not only looks great, but is easy to maintain and incredibly affordable as well.

If you’re one of those folks who are still on the fence with regards to whether you should invest in a Responsive WordPress Design, then you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll highlight the top 5 reasons you should make a Responsive WordPress Design an integral part of your business!

Let’s dive right in!

Mobile sales have outpaced desktop sales

Not only are we buying mobile devices at a faster clip than their desktop brethren, but we’re also beginning to use those devices as our primary connection to the Internet. Naturally, that also means that more sales are occurring through mobile platforms. In fact, over 67% of users claim that they’re more likely to purchase goods and services from a website that’s mobile-friendly than to those that are not.  Simply put, that means that having a mobile version of your web site has moved well beyond something that’s ‘nice to have’ and is now essential to sustaining your online presence heading forward,

Your site will look the same across all devices

Responsive WordPress Designs are built to recognize mobile browsers and adapt accordingly; giving the reader an incredible viewing experience regardless of device, while also ensuring that the basic look and feel of your site remains the same.

You’ll do better in search results.

Google loves Responsive WordPress Designs so much, that they’ve dubbed them as being the new industry standard or ‘best practice.’  It’s friendlier for search engines, easier to configure SEO, easier to maintain and best of all – you don’t have to deal with the duplicate content penalties that used plagued most mobile/desktop web site packages back in the day.

It’s easier to use and maintain

For years, WordPress users had to use plugins to manage the two separate versions of their site. Some worked well while others clashed when used in combination. For many, the hassle of maintaining both eventually became too much to justify the associated cost. With Responsive WordPress Design, you no longer have to worry about managing multiple pages and plugins. Everything is clean, seamless and fully integrated to work with both the mobile and desktop versions of your site.

Huge cost savings

The cost of designing AND maintaining two separate sites is considerable – not only from a dollars and cents standpoint, but in terms of time as well. Thanks to Responsive WordPress Design, not only does it cost less to create your sites, but you save significant money when you consider the maintenance, content editing, and dual advertising strategies you’d need to have for two websites. That means half the hassle at half the cost for twice as much return on your investment. That alone makes a Responsive WordPress Design worth it.