Responsive Web Developer Aurora Co

Smartphones and tablets are currently outselling desktops and laptops, and Internet users are spending a growing amount of time on these devices. Concurrently, design principles that encourage simple, clean design over flashy elements are taking hold. One of the best ways to take advantage of these trends is to use the services of a responsive web developer Aurora CO.

The Changing Demands of Web Development in Denver
Smartphones do not have the same capabilities of desktops and laptops. The most obvious difference is screen sizes; with screens as small as 3.5 inches, these devices simply cannot display a large amount of text common on most websites. Another important consideration is the touchscreens these devices use. While they are a great way to use a smartphone, touchscreens function differently than a mouse, trackball or touchpad, and websites must be able to function properly with touch-based interfaces in order to remain competitive.

The Move Toward Simpler Design
Design goes through various cycles, and a shift to simpler design is currently underway. Whether this shift is because of smart devices or not is a topic for debate, but experts agree that the shift is real and that users are expecting cleaner interfaces when they access websites. Achieving a clean look, however, may not be as simple as it sounds. Users want text to fill certain areas and respond quickly, and avoiding the need to constantly scroll up and down can be a challenge.

How Responsive Web Design Helps
There are a number of problems posed by the needs of both new and old platforms. Websites must be able to detect what type of device is accessing the page, and many of the techniques used to achieve this are only occasionally effective. Instead of crafting two completely different websites, responsive web development principles dictate that designers should instead work on the mobile website and then add new features where they are appropriate. Achieving acceptable desktop and laptop design with this procedure, however, can be challenging.

Responsive Web Design in Aurora, Colorado
Great web design is especially important in Aurora. The population is young, and many use smartphones. Further, Aurora residents are generally fairly tech-savvy, and they notice when a website does not look right. Fortunately, the area also provides a number of options for those looking for great web designers. The responsive web design paradigm is well established, and responsive web developer companies in Aurora CO are able to provide great results for users with budgets of any size.