Integrate with Social Media Login Tools

Social media login tools allow your customers and leads to register (log into) your website using their preexisting social media identities.

How does it work?

Your website offers a social login form. Your customer or lead clicks on the button appropriate to his or her preferred social media channel (login with Facebook, Twitter, and so on). The form instantly sends an authentication request to the social network the user indicated. That network confirms the customer’s credentials and grants them access to your site.

Simple, right?

Social logins have become ubiquitous in recent years. At Stern Inbound Marketing, we’re willing to bet you’ve experienced social login opportunities many times in the course of your Internet experience.

But have you thought about why such opportunities important?

From the user’s point of view, social logins simplify the sign-up process. By leveraging social logins, your customers and leads don’t have to create a brand new username and password to use your resources, and they don’t have to remember those credentials every time they visit your website. So long as they have a pre existing social account (which most Internet users do), they can leverage that identity as their passkey to your site.

From the vendor’s point of view (yours), offering social media login is a perfect way to increase your website’s registration conversions and user retention.


First, each time you provide a visitor with the opportunity to login to your site via social, you shorten their registration process. Studies show that the majority of users respond to this simplicity. More than 70% of users prefer to leverage social logins over creating bespoke accounts. Put differently, when the barrier to entry is low, more people participate in your content.

Second, with the help of some specialized  tools, the savvy Internet marketer (you) can harvest hundreds of data points related to your customers and leads who use social logins. Imagine receiving an extensive report on each of the people who enters your site using a social login. Data collected on this report might include the user’s address, marital status, email address, phone number, place of employment, hobbies and interests, education level, and so on.

By leveraging these data points, your company can construct more personalized, targeted Internet marketing campaigns. You essentially select the specific qualities of an outreach subset and tailor your pitches specifically to criteria most likely to appeal to that group.

Installing social logins on your website is like handing your marketing team a blueprint for success. This is one of the most powerful strategies Internet marketers can use, and we at Stern Inbound Marketing highly recommend it.