Everyone deserves an award, so tonight as Hollywood Celebrates the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars we at Stern Inbound Marketing and Responsive Web Design would like to hand out a few awards of our own.

To our Amazing Responsive Website Design and Inbound Marketing Clients.

And now the #SternAwards.

The Stern Award for best use of a Responsive WordPress Web Design in Inbound Marketing for Auto Dealerships goes to:

Infinite Prospects

The Stern for best use of YouTube and WordPress to market their business goes to:

Peterson Electric with over 100 YouTube Video Demonstrations and Testimonials.

The Stern for the best use of online video transformations and Masonry Grid Design goes to:

The 28 Day Challenge.

The Stern award for the best use of separated content for better SEO goes to:

Amazing Automotive and Transmissions LLC of Rockaway NJ

The Stern award for the best Mediation Expert in Colorado and Beyond goes to:

Mark Loye and Mediation Works 2

We will be giving out more awards throughout the evening.

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Let’s get organized and Award Your Company
Next Year!