My favorite episode of South Park EVER is entitled the Underpants Business and features a visit to the marketing and business strategy labyrinth of the Underpants Gnomes.

Watch the clip below and then read on.


I speak with many entrepreneurs who do not have a phase 2. Developing a successful business starts with creating a mission statement, establishing your core values, and naturally a phase 2.

So what IS phase 2, and what companies really never had one at least at their start?

Back during the dot com boom I heard a story about WebMD. Millions if not Billions of dollars were spent building a website that would offer free medical information to doctors and patients.

Phase One: Spend tons of money building a website where people can find medical information.

Phase Two: ??

Phase Three:  Profit? Really? People visiting a website for free = profit?

Phase Two is HUGE! Profit margins, shipping costs, inventory, office space, advertising and marketing are just a few parts of phase two which must certainly be thoroughly analyzed before plunging into creating a successful business.

All that I am pointing out is that a great idea for a business might be just that, a great idea, but before jumping right in, slow down and do some serious planning. THEN call a website design company or internet/social media marketing company, and present your entire business strategy including all of its phases.

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