I love the original Star Wars Trilogy, and for those of us in our late 30s on up, these three movies contained special effects that had never been seen before.  They also brought many religious and mythological staples into the 20th century.

They movies were fine and are fine the way they were.

When I bought the blu ray discs that just came out. I expected to watch the original movies as they were back in 1997. Instead, our good pal George has tinkered with the films once again.

The worst new element is Darth Vader’s dubbed in NOOOOO when he throws the Emperor off the ledge in Jedi.

That moment for me USED to be the BEST moment of the entire star wars series. The SILENCE of it with the dramatic music I remember had everyone up on their feet and cheering back in 1983.

And I wonder what the strategy is here, as now I almost feel like returning the movies which should have had a sticker on the label saying, “with all new things that weren’t there before, will make no sense to you, and will ruin the whole experience.”

I have much more to say on this topic and more will be coming.