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Curing Cancer And Creating NEW LIFE

Dr. Ruby Lathon is a VEGAN ICON, but how she GOT there is a story with more value.

Stern.Marketing Developed and launched TWO Thinkific driven courses with Dr. Ruby.

To TEACH how to SURPASS cancer has been so rewarding for us and for Dr. Ruby.


Mandi Launched Her "Get Off Meth" Course in 30 Days Flat!

Mandi discovered in her Stern Storming session that her ability to get off METH was a gift to the world.

In just 30 days in the Stern Marketing Academy she was able to:

Develop a rock star curriculum

Learn Thinkific

Launch her course!

From a mess to a fully launched course!

Tyler had recorded all of his content for his Kajabi course.

But it was a mess.

The Stern Marketing team sorted eveything out, edited all of the videos, and refined Tyler’s curriculum.

He now has an amazing breathing course in the I Trust You University!