The Joomla Content Management System offers an easy-to-use platform for website design and management for individuals who have little to no design or coding experience. Currently, millions of websites around the world are built using Joomla CMS, mainly because it is so easy to use and it is search engine friendly.

The Benefits of Using Joomla CMS

One of the main benefits that Joomla website owners enjoy is ease of use. Every time content needs to be added to the website, the control panel allows the web master to upload it without having to change any code. When someone needs to upload new content using HTML and FTP, the process could take hours. With Joomla, anyone can do it in as little as thirty minutes.

Templates have made it easier for companies and small business owners to change the look of their website. All they have to do is select one of the many well-designed templates in the administration area and their entire website will be customized to fit their selection.

Like Joomla, WordPress is easy to use and offers a variety of features that can enhance any website; however, Joomla’s major advantage over WordPress is complexity. It is much easier to create a membership area, forum and a way for individuals to post guest blogs. These features are perfect for those who want the size of their website to increase without having to write content on a daily basis.

Hire stern as your Joomla Web Development Company in Aurora

While Joomla is extremely easy to use and requires little to no development experience, many small business owners decide to hire a professional Joomla development company to do the work for them. Outsourcing your Joomla web design project to a professional design team is the perfect solution for any small business owner.

A Joomla web development Aurora company will optimize your Joomla website to attract the maximum amount of traffic possible from major search engines. They will be able to customize your chosen Joomla theme, add plugins that will improve user experience and consult with you on any updates or changes that should be made to improve conversions and increase overall traffic.

Even when using Joomla, creating a quality website and implementing an effective marketing plan can take a significant amount of time to complete. Hiring a professional Joomla web development Aurora company will allow you to focus on other, more important aspects of your business. When your site is completed the benefits will be an easy to use and flexible website that will be able to grow with your company.