As a Nationwide Inbound Marketing Agency, stern collaborates with our clients on content marketing, social media marketing and marketing automation campaigns.

These Inbound Marketing campaigns generate leads which are nurtured and scored using our Marketing Automation systems. With all of this in place it is essential that your sales team be ready to engage and close leads which have already responded to your inbound marketing campaign and marketing automation system.

For example:

Your potential client has responded to an e-book landing page campaign titled “How to select the best and safest crib for your infant”. You assign the lead to Bob and he can SEE in your Sales Force account that Joe a father of two (he answered the question of how many kids he has in your questionnaire on your landing page) and that Joe has read your e-book and also clicked on a video about crib safety in a follow-up email.

Bob now has the right tools and conversation starters to CLOSE the sale.

Inbound Marketing does not just simply generate great targeted website traffic and leads in your CRM. Inbound Marketing coupled with marketing automation creates a sales platform that will increase closing ratios and lower cost of acquisition.