Theresa Longo Loves Stern Inbound MarketingI met Theresa Longo @TheresaLongo on Twitter . After she followed @SternDMB, we exchanged several messages back and forth talking about how to market her many talents through her website, content marketing and social media.

We spoke on the phone and decided to work together to help her establish her amazing brand and market her talents to the US.

In the process, we decided to interview each other about what our goals were.

The following is my interview with Canadian Talented Artist Theresa Longo.


How do you manage all of the sections of your business at the same time?

I have many helpers! I delegate. I employ someone to take care of my appearances, and I have assistants when I need the extra help. I am lucky to have an awesome agent at Strutt Central who books me on many gigs as well! Sometimes I am pampered at home with manicures, pedicures and hair treatments when I need it!

You pride yourself on having a non smoking staff, why is this important?

One of the reasons the staff at are so outstanding is due to the emphasis on health and wellness. Many of the closest actors and actresses and models within my circle are passionate about staying fit. Our models and actors look and feel great while putting a lot of effort into appearance, professionalism and physical fitness.

stern works with theresa longo on twitter social media marketingDo you like to Act or do Modeling the most and what is the difference?

Good Question. I am really into acting right now. I love the challenges that acting affords me. I am always learning as an actress. Sometimes there is not much difference between acting and modeling in front of the camera; although in my opinion, acting requires more consistent multitasking and memory work while delivering a strong performance.

Do you find that people are intimidated by a beautiful woman like yourself running a business?

I love to showcase my intelligence and personality; my business is centered around these characteristics while being consistent – and I think ultimately that is what people notice most.

How did you develop your brand and what does it stand for?

I developed the brand by creating a vision, remaining consistent, and dedicating significant time and effort to the business model itself. I developed a strict set of ideals around which I base all business decisions; I always stay true to my beliefs and ethics.

[vc_video link=’’]What are your goals for the future and if you reach them, what will your new goals be?

Career aspirations are high, movies, commercials, TV, music videos are all underway now – I plan to continue performing and working as a professional actress. I am currently acquiring high end clients in fashion and beauty. I hope to see the brand become a common name along with other pop culture staples.

Future goals include cultivating awareness and happiness while sharing the ability to do so with others. When I reach my immediate goals I will continue to give back to all those who believed in me along the way while reaching for brand new heights!

Theresa and Stern LLC are engaged in several Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing projects to push her amazing talents, brand and company out to the world.

Read Theresa’s interview with me here.