It’s not just about your website — it’s about what’s on it.

At Stern Inbound Marketing, we hear from potential clients all the time who have hired a website design company, paid them a lot of money, and ended up with an unfinished project because the website design company has no idea what CONTENT should go into the design.

Too often, most business owners end up wondering: So just what did I spend all that money on, if this web design company has no idea how to market my business?

Beyond the fact that most web design companies have no idea how to write inbound marketing landing pages that drive conversation and qualified leads, we hear these other common complaints as well:

  1. I just paid for Company X to redesign my website. Now I want to add pages for my new product, but they won’t help me because the website project is already finished and paid for.At Stern, we teach you how we are creating your website and train you on how to create new content for it. We never want to leave you powerless and not able to update and change the content of your website.
  2. I have a new website designed by Company X, but it’s boring and doesn’t properly showcase or my vision, and it hasn’t gotten me any new business.At Stern, before we design anything, we engage in a Stern Storming session to uncover the benefits of what you do and the needs and desires of your target market. In this way, your website attracts those who need and value what you do. 

We develop your website as a marketing machine to drive your inbound marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing strategy. Here’s how. 

Step 1. SternStorming to attract the right visitors. 

We start by examining audience demographic based on your past customer base. Who have you reached before and how did you reach them? What are their needs and desires? What are their problems, and how does your business bring the solutions that meet their needs?

Once you have isolated the language your client uses to express their needs, (we call this your customer persona), we collaborate with you to create landing page copy that gives the visitors the hope and desire that you are the solution to their woes, thus making it easy and practical for them to contact you. 

Your new Stern website will create conversations with the people who value you the most.

Step 2: Write the book, then design the cover.

With the right landing pages in place, we then design a front page to your website that moves people down the right sales funnel to these powerful landing pages.

So, don’t hire a website design company until you go Stern Storming with us. You just might find that our methodology will lead you to work with us on your complete redesign and launch of your inbound marketing campaign. 

A great inbound marketing-focused website is just the start of your full Stern Marketing Strategy. In our upcoming blogs we will explain our stance on content marketing social media and SEO and how they all must work together for the ultimate customer experience.