Stern in a leading Inbound Marketing Agency specializing at reverse engineering customer pain points to create marketing campaigns that diversify our clients digital footprint.

Here are the five must have characteristics of the Inbound Marketing Agency you should hire.

1. The right service offerings that match your needs

Just creating or re-creating your website might get you a bit more traffic and certainly hiring an SEO expert might create more inbound traffic, but a true Inbound Marketing Agency takes a full-scale look at your total online presence. Every word, every call to action, every tweet must be analyzed and fed down a path of marketing automation to measure results.

2. A Clearly Defined Procedure

There must be a Project Scope to Inbound Marketing. There must be a specific set of deliverables your Inbound Marketing agency defines.

3. A measurement of results

Marketing is a science. I actually love to hashtag this when tweeting to other Social Media Marketing Agencies. EVERY action must be measured and the results INTERPRETED in a way that leads to even better results

4. Project Management Savvy

Developing a timeline for content deployment is a very important task for your Inbound Marketing Agency. Reverse engineering your customer pain points comes into play here, but SPEAKING to those customer pain points in a progressive way has to be done at the same time.

5. Optimizing EVERYTHING for Inbound Marketing

Your website must WORK to lead people to take ACTION. Every Message and article and Tweet must be strategically engineered to WORK and bring about results.