Off Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Does Anyone Else Thing You Can Handle The Job?

The term Off Page Search Engine Optimization implies that we as an Inbound Marketing Agency are succeeding in making search engines such as Google believe that your website and company are more pertinent to your industry and speak better to your audience than your competitors.

Search engines certainly look at your content first to see if it is pertinent to your industry, but then they also check your references or your backlinks as they are called in the online marketing industry. Keywords on other websites that point back to your website.

Building quality backlinks is an essential part of Off Page Search Engine Optimization. Remember the web was created as a means for one document to link to another. After all the Internet is “a global system of interconnected computer networks” as defined by Wikipedia.

Your website standing alone on the web would be similar to a storefront in a dark alley that no one knows is there.

Going one step further, those references to your business, those backlinks must themselves be from other places on the web that are pertinent to your industry and that contain relevant content.

Yes, your mom is a great reference, but she’s your mom, of course she is going to say nice things about you.

The stern approach to Off Page Search Engine Optimization is a strategic plan for creating quality references to your product or service.

But even with all of these references and all of your carefully optimized strategically interlinked pages, there is yet another factor that is driving online marketing.

Content. New Fresh Content.

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