When asked, “What is the #1 reason why someone would buy your product or service?” You might think the answer is price or quality of service. Both of those are important, but the real #1 reason any person make a purchase from you is trust.

Establishing trust is at the forefront of the stern Inbound Marketing strategy.

Now, HOW can we make people TRUST you and your business services?

Here are a few ideas…

  1. Producing authoritative well researched “killer” content. (Hey, these guys know their stuff!)
  2. Referring to other authoritative figures in your industry. (They associate themselves with the best, so they are probably up their with the best)
  3. HELPING people do BETTER. ( These folks really took the time to help me out, so I trust them now more than ever )
  4. Doing the best quality work possible. ( Show people the work you have done through powerful Video Testimony from your clients)

The list goes on and on.

Work on an Inbound Marketing strategy with stern that builds TRUST in others and your leads and profits will grow as well as your business.