Have your hired someone to do some “Social Media Marketing” for your business?

Do you have a staff of writers producing “Killer Content”?

Does the Inbound Marketing Agency you hired at the end of the month tell you, “We have MANY more followers! The Blog we sent out was retweeted a LOT!”

And then you ask, OK but what is the ROI here? How is this lowering my cost of aquisition?

Marketing is a science. It is not a game of just “engaging” people or having people “share” your content.

YES we need that to happen, but everything stern creates is measured.

A tweet leads to a landing page which has a lead capture form that then goes into a personalized automated marketing campaign.

AND we measure everything.

So YOU know and WE know what tweets, blogs, landing pages and facebook posts are LEADING to the MOST sales and profits for your business.

Is the agency you hired producing these types of results?