Hi guys, this is Darrell Stern, your digital marketing Jedi coming at you. I wanted to give you guys a quick marketing tip on:

Instagram: How to get your set of hashtags that you always want to use easy to find and use.

If you’re part of the Stern Marketing Mastermind or you’ve taken my online course at the Stern Marketing Academy app, (Search Your App Store For Stern Marketing Academy) you know that I preach that you should come up with 30 hashtags to always put on every single post that you do on Instagram. Now this is beginner. This is to get from zero to the first 1,000, maybe even 10,000 or 20,000 followers, is to be consistent and persistent and always use these hashtags. So I’m old and I can’t figure out how I’m going to possibly go hashtag this, hashtag that, like in the phone on every post. So I’m going to tell you about a neat little app that Google has called Google Keep.

If you guys remember Evernote, a little like note pad, little sticky pad, little app, well Google invented their own version of that and it’s called Google Keep. Now if you have a Gmail email address, I want you to go to` keep.google.com. K-E-E-P.Google.com. I also want you to download on your phone the Google Keep app. Okay, so we’re talking about going on your laptop and typing out your hashtags. Then load them on your phone on Google Keep. It’s where you can copy and paste them into a post. You already getting where I’m going with this? Use apps that are both on your desktop computer, right? So you can sit at your big ergonomic keyboard. I use a big ergonomic keyboard when I work, like big, and then something that you can easily pull up on your phone to take the texts that you copied in there.

So write out your whole entire set of hashtags, right? You can even have multiple sets on your Google Keep note, open up Instagram, take your picture, do your video, and then when you’re going to post it, copy, hold down your finger on the Google Keep note. It’ll say select all, copy, then switch it over to Instagram and just put paste, and paste in the whole thing. And with that little tip you’ll be doing very, very much more consistent and persistent Instagram posts.

So if you have an Instagram and you’d like me to follow it and comment on it and share it with my tribe, please do post your Instagram link in the comments below on this video. I would love to check out what you’re doing on Instagram and I would love to see if you’re taking these tips, you can follow the Stern Marketing Academy at Stern Marketing Academy. Brilliant name right, on Instagram. I’m also at my name, Darrell Stern, Stern Storming, Stern Marketing Agency, Stern Agency, all kinds of different things, Stern Marketing. I’ve taken up all the Stern codewords, so get consistent and persistent with your Instagram and get those tags to be persistent and consistent.

Now let’s move on from just that part of it. With the tags, you can also save specific comments that you always want to make, like, “Hey, that’s amazing” Sun, Sun emoji, “You bring light to our lives.” I’m making something up. But it’s always good to have positive kind of comments that you can use over and over again. You can save those in Google Keep as well. So you can have those at the ready, like canned responses. If you remember email and Google mail and Gmail, you could have canned responses, kind of like that. So you want to build up a library of things that you can type out on your computer and have at the ready when you’re on social media.

Now this is just Instagram and other videos, we’ll talk about other things, but again, post your Instagram in the comments below. Do follow Stern Marketing, Stern Storming and Stern Marketing Academy. I’m always dropping new lessons on those Instagram channels and I can’t wait to see the progress that you make growing your profits and influence on Instagram. So Darrell Stern, your digital marketing Jedi. I’ll be back soon.