How to compose a tweet that leads to a link click

Social media has likely already had a big impact upon your business, but wouldn’t you like to make that impact even bigger? Get ready to understand  how to compose a tweet that leads to a link click.

  1. Examine your messaging. What exactly do you want to express? Keep your tweet short. Research shows that the ideal tweet length is 120-130 characters. This allows for quick scanning and it leaves space for your followers to comment when they retweet. Though hashtags may be the language of Twitter, trying to read a tweet made up of five hashtags is no easy or enjoyable feat. Limit the use of hashtags and choose ones that are powerful for your message or business. And proofread! You don’t want people retweeting your message because it’s full of errors.
  2. Think about links. When you insert your link, make sure that you are using a shortened link. Plug it into one of the many link-shortening websites like Bitly, TinyURL or Also think about the placement of the link within the tweet. Though many users simply tack links onto the end of tweets, it’s actually more effective to insert them into the middle of the message, about a quarter of the way through. Try this out and watch your click-throughs soar.
  3. Use visuals. Because of the shorter format on Twitter, visuals are often forgotten, however, visual tweets do receive a high level of engagement. Think about how much a visual could stand out amidst the sea of text. Visuals also allow you to tag users in the image allowing you to reach a target audience without having to use handles and battle character limitations.

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