I go to a lot of networking events with small business owners. I hear them say:


“I don’t know what blogging is”

“I heard blogging is good”

“I should be blogging”

“I don’t have time to blog”

“Blog? Ugh. It sounds like just another time suck.”

So, in an effort to help all the shame and ignorance, I am going to blog about blogging for a second. Please share this with anyone who says one of those 5 statements. I will address each one. And hopefully create more understanding and fully proselytize you into the world of blogging. And if, after reading this, you think the whole idea of content marketing is brilliant and you don’t want to do it, read my blog about outsourcing your blogging.


What is blogging or Content Marketing?

Blogging sometimes known as Content Marketing is creating content, aka articles, of information. They can be educational, funny, a mix of both, personal, business, jargon/technical. For the purposes of content marketing, we suggest blogs be educational, entertaining, and professional. By professional we mean:

  1. Use correct grammar and punctuation. Use an editor or at least a second set of eyes;
  2. Stay away from inflammatory irrelevant things (there may be polarizing or controversial things in your industry and you are welcome to talk about those things, just make sure they are relevant to your business and that you have guidelines and process to deal with critics);
  3. Speak to your target audience. This also means not using emojis for professional communication or off color jokes in a family friendly business.


Is blogging and content marketing good for business?

It can be. If it lacks professionalism, no. If it lacks quality, no. If it lacks engagement, yes, as long as it still has keywords. Keywords are words and/or phrases that search engines read to populate search results. They find the words in the blogs to discover what the blog, and therefore website, is about. The more they can verify what the website is about, the more they will promote it in relevant searches. Good search results are their business- it allows them to sell ads and make money, so they want to do a good job. Keyword strategy is fun and rather scientific and there are paid and free tools out there to help you discover them.


Should I blog?

Yes. Blogging establishes your expert status in your field. It shows people that you know what you are talking about. It is able to be repurposed to continue to add value and build credibility. Blogging is your intellectual property, just like your business. By writing, and then using those articles again by submitting them to trade magazines and other marketing avenues, you are in essence duplicating yourself. And honestly, how many times have you lamented that you need a clone?


I don’t have time to blog.

Small business owners don’t have time to do anything. We don’t have time for our partners or families or friends, but we find a way to make it happen. We don’t have time for fun and hobbies and exercise, but we make it happen. Just like with money, we find time and money for the things we care about. What if blogging could replace your other marketing? What if it became your marketing strategy which allows you to free up the money you are spending on marketing that has no ROI? Would you make time then? What if you discovered in blogging, you are actually nurturing yourself? Yes, I’m serious, writing is very cathartic.


Another time suck.

See “I don’t have time to blog” above.

Blogging is good for you and it’s good for business. Give it a try you have nothing to lose. And if you just can’t do it there’s no judgment, just hire a company or professional who can do it for you. Happy blogging!

I would love to help you launch a new Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing strategy that will deliver qualified leads for your B2B or B2C business.

It all starts with a Stern Storming Session.

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