images with text called memes are the best way to promote your brand on twitter

It’s no secret that memes are a great way to promote your brand on Twitter. Your business can show off your creativity and connect with your target audience by relating a meme to your brand.
Just look what people in New Jersey came up with after areas that were predicted to receive 2+ feet of snow in January only got a couple of inches. There’s a few things you need to take away here:

  • Memes are informative and funny at the same time
  • They reference pop culture
  • There are plenty of templates to choose from
  • Anyone can make a meme

That last one is especially important for your business. With a little brainstorming, your marketing team can post memes on Twitter. You can even use them to promote your brand and draw attention to certain factors.

Here’s what you need to do to create effective twitter memes:

  1. Define a problem
    Empathy is a common theme in memes. You’re reaching out to a large audience and identifying a problem that you all share. Choosing the right theme is the trick to engaging your followers.
  2. Apply it to your business
    Consider making your product the subject of a meme. If you sell headphones, for example, then your meme can complain that your biggest problem is having to take them off when you see friends in public.
  3. Mix it up

Once you’ve found out what works, don’t be afraid to mix it up. As you saw in the news article, there are countless types of memes. It doesn’t make sense to keep using the same one when there are so many out there.

Memes are a fun way to promote your brand on Twitter. They could never fully replace blogs and articles, but they’re great for mixing things up.
To talk more about using memes, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.